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Why is there a cellphone problem?

Perfectjammer 2018-05-8

Cell Phone Jammer in SchoolThe obsession with mobile phones is a big headache for parents and schools alike. A secondary school has come up with a "new solution" : installing a cellphone signal shield on the campus, which can be turned on every night to prevent students from playing with their phones at night.

The school has a good intention to block mobile phone signals so that students can learn, rest and break the idea of playing games. Now, mobile phones and games are almost the biggest challenge of education. A middle school teacher has written about a recently popular mobile phone game, saying the game has gradually turned the phone into a "game machine". His students, too, had painfully said, "I can't control myself!" . In order to pull students out of the mud, it is necessary to use some of the unconventional management methods such as banning mobile phones and playing games. The school needs to do something about it, and it's much more effective to block the phone signal than to call for a teacher to check the house and make strict management measures.

The cell phone jammer, like an invisible wall, divides society, and it is easy to form an island of information in the city if it is not regulated. For its installation, you should follow the minimum principle.

How to stop mobile phone cheating?

The gsm jammer works very simply because it affects the frequency of the phone's signal with the frequency of the signal. In recent years, signal jammer has been widely used in various examination halls, schools, gas stations, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters, hospitals, government agencies and so on. Even some businesses and families are installing them. On the Internet, the jammer device can be easily bought.

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern communication technology, the use of high-tech cheating in examination room means emerge in endlessly, the university entrance exam cheating tools by the initial pager, mobile phone, and then the handset and then to today's digital products, appearance is for the ruler, rubber, glasses boxes, stationery bags, watches, cheating tools such as mineral water bottles, exams have emerged in various countries. In order to prevent cheating, the authorities have effectively prevented and discouraged cheating in the examination room by using mobile phone block apparatus, metal detector, wireless signal jammer and warning suppression equipment.

Among the five violations, "lateness, truancy, mobile phones, eating and sleeping" were the worst offenders. Since the price of mobile phones is not low, it will be returned to students after the confiscation and criticism of education, so the supervision cannot be effectively played.

How can we prevent students from playing mobile phones in class? A device called "little teacher-signal jamming device" by students at the school of information engineering was born. It is made by students of the institute of information engineering's electronics association, which blocks mobile phone signals in a classroom without affecting the normal use of mobile phones by people outside the classroom.

The device only for mobile phone communications, to not interfere with other electronic equipment is harmless to human body, and the shielding device is placed by the local block area is over two hundred meters, so no worry about effects of the health.

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