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Simple Cell Phone Jammer PPT

Perfectjammer 2021-10-15

Simple Cell Phone Jammer PPT

In order to evade the passenger transportation company's monitoring of his speeding behavior, the bus driver bought Simple Cell Phone Jammer PPT, not wanting to go on the highway and be discovered by the Chongqing high-speed law enforcement team. Today (12), the three teams of Chongqing Traffic Law Enforcement Expressway Five Detachment carried out special law enforcement inspections for buses in the Luohuang service area of ​​the Ring Expressway. At about 10 am, a bus drove into the service area, and the law enforcement team found that a rag was placed next to the cab, and it was revealed that something similar to a handheld walkie-talkie was hidden underneath. The law enforcement team confirmed on the spot that the item was a mobile phone jammer. The driver of the car said that he did not turn on the mobile phone jammer, but when the law enforcement team pointed out that the mobile phone signal jammer was working, the driver stopped talking. cell phone jammer

According to law enforcement team members, through Simple Cell Phone Jammer PPT, the signal of the monitoring system can be interfered and shielded, so that the GPS positioning system only displays the location of the vehicle and cannot monitor its real speed. In this way, the monitoring platform of the company where the bus is located can only see the location of the vehicle. But the vehicle speed is all zero. The law enforcement team members stated that in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Measures for the Supervision and Management of Road Transport Vehicle Dynamics," those who shield the signals of the satellite positioning device of passenger vehicles will be fined 4,000 yuan. It is understood that in order to effectively curb the prone and frequent occurrence of passenger vehicle accidents and prevent the occurrence of major road traffic accidents, Chongqing Traffic Law Enforcement Expressway Five Detachment will continue to carry out special law enforcement inspections for passenger vehicles, focusing on rectifying whether passenger vehicles and drivers have complete licenses and qualifications. Whether it is consistent, whether there are illegal behaviors such as attracting passengers from outside the station, speeding, overcrowding, fatigue driving, and violating the prohibited time period, whether the satellite positioning device with driving record function, vehicle safety performance, fire extinguisher, safety hammer, seat belt configuration is installed Wait.

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