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Use the mobilephone jammer or not?

Perfectjammer 2017-12-13

Cell phone jammer use or notWith the popularization of smartphones, more and more children are beginning to indulge in mobile sms and various kinds of social. This is a national and international problem. Kids use their gadget crutches just as much as adults do. And there seems little you can do to stop them. That's why there are so many interference devices in China and Japan. As time goes on, the jamming equipment is more and more become one of the infrastructure of the school. Have to say, it's very effective

So Liptak thought he'd merely jam them. As WTSP-TV reports, he availed himself of a jamming device and peace suddenly descended on this classroom. Well, relative peace.

Can students be allowed to use their cellphone even in the classroom?

Some parents may think children need to use their cell phones to deal with dangerous situations that may occur.

But how can schools calm the use of cell phones? One Philadelphia head teacher tried to explain to a parent recently that her school simply takes the phones away from kids who won't stop using them and keeps them for a number of weeks. The parent wasn't impressed.

Some believe that teaching kids not to use phones in class is simply a matter of teaching them respect. But when they see their parents using them at the dinner table, walking down the street and even driving, what are kids supposed to think?

Should teachers use signal jammer?

Here's the answer from the web:

Yes, I think it should be. Yeah...tough one. I feel bad for the guy. What with students acting lke they run the school these days and parents who dont reinforce what the school is doing, makes it very difficult for the school. Then those same people are quick to blame the school when their kid turns out to be a moron. Cell phones/PDA's have become a drug of sorts to many of these kids. They are obsessed with them because their brains have been programmed by the big cell carriers, who are akin to drug dealers. Now I know there are still alot of good kids who follow the rules. But witha wife who is a HS guidance coulselor some of the things I hear...using phones/PDA's to cheat, to take upskirt shots of girls and send them around to everyone within minutes, takie pics of them having sex somewhere in the school as a joke or just texting all day back and forth to their friends who they just saw at lunch. They are a big problem and a distraction and the kids know how to get around the rules. (Think when you were in HS). The only way to guarantee they aren't a problem is to jam. Solves the whole problem. Only thing I have an issue with is during an emergency, I could care less about the cell companies owning the air space. The jamming is local. They just dont want to lose one precious cent of revenue...the kids wont be able to use their "drug". Dont piss off the drug dealer!

Anyway, we can see that most people support teachers using jammers. Cell phone jammer block most types of signals, effectively preventing students from cheating, using cell phones in class, etc. Therefore, the rational use of jammers is not a bad thing.

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