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Mobile phone jammer interrupts mobile communication

Perfectjammer 2021-04-10

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A resident of Montélimar was arrested Friday for disrupting mobile communications in the city center. He equipped himself with a frequency cell phone jammer because he felt he was being monitored. A resident of Montélimar was arrested this Friday afternoon for a very special crime: "possessing and using equipment that tends to make communication equipment unusable". Because the man is using a frequency cell phone jammer.

He explained at the police station that he felt persecuted. Recently, he installed a camera in his apartment in the old center to monitor his house. Except that he often gives the impression that his camera is remotely controlled, and the individual is monitoring what is happening at his home. Therefore, he obtained a cell phone jammer, which is strictly prohibited because it can cancel the electric wave and disable the cell phone and GPS. If strong interference occurs, it may even interfere with the aircraft.

In addition, the mobile phone network in this area is very chaotic, so the National Frequency Agency conducted an investigation. She used special equipment to send agents to the center of Montelimar, and they quickly found the apartment. The police then went to Montilla's home and found the mobile phone jammer and picked up the 40-year-old man. The man admitted the facts and will be called to the police station again early this week.

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