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Mobile phone jammer cuts off gsm communication

Perfectjammer 2021-04-12

cell phone jammer

Let us be clear from the beginning: in most thefts, alarm phone jammers are relatively rare. There are many reasons for this. According to INHESJ's research, 33% of the thefts are minors. Of the remaining 67%, it is adults who steal in garages, sheds, second homes, houses or apartments, and in the vast majority of cases, it is not “great professionals” who cheated on this system, but criminal. Almost not suppressed... It is said that the opportunity makes the thief a thief. It seems that the situation in theft cases is still the same (the clarification rate is only close to 15%), and sometimes the punishment is too bad.

In France, the possession and sale of alarm cell phone jammer is prohibited. According to Article L39-1 of the "Post and Telecommunications Act", those who possess this system will be sentenced to 6 months in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros. Only having an alarm phone jammer will be very suspicious, and many criminals will not take risks. Nowadays, anti-theft personnel no longer wear gloves and no longer wear screwdrivers in order to be able to deny the whole fact when arrested. Instead, they used tools found in the garden and socks belonging to the victim. The fact of wearing gloves can still be explained in winter, but there is no fact of human interference. Therefore, for those thieves who will no longer be able to adopt his classic line of defense "I did nothing, I was there by accident", wearing a cell phone jammer will be very "sensitive". The suspicion will be lower and the possibility of conviction will be greater.

Alarm jammers usually have a relatively low price range (between 5 and 50m) and higher prices (average between 90 and 500 euros). Yes, although the prohibition order is easy to spot. In a big house, all the detectors cannot be jammed at the same time, and the anti-theft device runs the risk of triggering the siren, being stopped or being surprised. Mobile phone jammers will disrupt the transmission to a certain distance in several "frequency bands". For example, a mobile phone jammer can block GSM waves between 900 and 980 MHz, GPS waves between 1570 and 1580 MHz, and WIFI waves between 2400 and 2500 MHz. Therefore, the frequency band is stopped every time. The cell phone jammer can be portable, close to a pack of cigarettes in size. Therefore they are not very powerful and have a low range. Instead, they can be larger (approximately 15 * 15 cm) and can run on a power source. In this way, the range is even larger, up to 80m. These can cut off multiple frequencies at the same time, thereby cutting off the connection between various alarm components and GSM communications.

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