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Mobile jammers prevent deception on the Internet

Perfectjammer 2021-04-09

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According to a report by RTL, anyone who wants to compare prices with smartphones in electronic stores should avoid doing so. The motto of this private broadcaster is "With the help of the Internet, bargaining and price comparison can be carried out". This shows that, strangely, when you try to compare a certain device on the Internet in a store, the reception always fails. This should not be a coincidence, but a scam. These are allegedly used cell phone jammer. Therefore, insiders have decompressed the RTL. He said that these companies are operating secretly, and smartphone customers are deliberately paralyzed by cell phone jammers.

This can be seen as an invasion of privacy-do consumers even know it? After several conversations with the people in the report, it is clear that they naturally want to be able to compare prices directly in the store using their smartphones. We asked the large electronics stores Saturn and Media Markt about the use of the so-called cell phone jammers, and received the following statement from the spokesperson of Media Saturn Holding: "Of course, our store customers use smartphones to compare prices, and we are also facing this price comparison. , We can assure you that there is no cell phone jammer installed in our store to interfere with the reception of mobile phones. However, we know that due to the structural conditions of certain markets, only a limited number of mobile phones can be received."

Insiders should be sales managers. In the affidavit, he made the following statement to RTL and guaranteed its authenticity 100%: "The background is very simple. Advertising is becoming more and more important for various supermarkets and chain stores. Therefore, it has been trying to become the most important in the market. Good advertising. Then, it is also advertised as the cheapest provider. In the era of smartphones, apps that started appearing three or four years ago are of course a huge problem. Check prices anytime and anywhere within seconds, and then the company began to consider how to prevent this from happening. When asked whether there is a system behind the system or whether to order from the top level, the sales manager said: "Yes, no stores have spoken Right, regardless of its field, but it always comes from the top, the top. management. "This should have been the highest-level order, because "the store manager never knew." According to insiders, a branch should use up to five such devices.

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