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GPS Jammer Prevents Vehicles From Being Tracked

Jordan Marcia Dec 15, 2020 10:30

I want to buy a GPS locator to prevent the vehicle from being tracked, which may lead to leakage of my privacy. I have seen many shops about this product on the Internet. Are they real? Hello there! For other stores, I cannot guarantee, but the perfectjammer.com store provides you with an absolute guarantee. In addition to providing high-quality products, it also provides you with 30-day replacement, one-year warranty and free global shipping. Commodity services, so you can buy with confidence.

Recently, the A-GPS system has spread widely. Its work is indeed common in simple GPS, but it has some advantages. You know, the GPS navigator is a bit slow when it starts, but A-GPS will make the navigator work faster. It just downloads coordinate information from the three nearest cell phone towers, so it can reach the coordinates faster. It is used with the cellular tower triangulation technique I wrote recently. Therefore, devices compatible with A-GPS use two different frequency bands, one for GPS navigation – 1227.6-1575.42 MHz, and GSM 850/1900 MHz for cell tower triangulation. In order to completely block the transmission of the device, you will have to use a GSM/gps jammer. You should note that in this case, all mobile phones in the area will also be completely stuck, and your old GPS jammer can only be used partially with the device. It blocks GPS interaction, so you will not see you in GPS tracking, but you can still be tracked by cell tower triangulation!