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Will wired security cameras get hacked under jammer's job?

Curry Mildred 2022/07/20

  While jammers may hamper wireless systems, they have little to no effect on wired security camera systems. When hacking is concerned, wired systems are far more secure but not impregnable. That being said, hacking a wired system is much more dependent on who has direct access to the system and how accessible it is overall.

  Whereas wireless cameras can be hacked individually, wired security cameras are much more difficult if entirely impossible to externally access without physical tampering. Physically tampering, for that matter, is much more difficult in the open and without drawing the attention of the owner. Hacking in general for wired products is not as much of a problem because such a malicious action would need to be far more coordinated and sophisticated.

  MIT have developed an anti-hacking jamming device that addresses communication security to protect implantable medical devices. The wearable "shield" device can emit jammers gps signal when an active attacker establishes an unauthorized wireless link between a pacemaker and a remote terminal.