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Drone jammer blocks aerial cameras

Cochin Cedric March 02, 2021 10:30

I know this thing is not cheap for people who want to compete with others, but just in case I want to know how to protect my house? Lehman Aviation has created the latest drones with various advantages and interesting features. It is called LFPV. Its features include an 11-megapixel camera that can capture 1080p video, and can take beautiful photos in real-time, autonomous driving and other ways. Just as importantly, it also has a GPS coordinate monitor, an altitude monitor and even a battery level monitor. When something goes wrong, these alarms will alert the LFPV owner or the person who uses the remote control to operate it, if you want to hide Aerial cameras can use drone jammer to attack.

The Lehman Aviation LFPV UAV has a ground control system that transmits an 800x480 real-time video of its flight through the camera installed in the UAV, and as mentioned earlier, it will drive automatically when needed. The cost of this beautiful civilian surveillance drone is $2352, but for those who want to spy on the private lives of others, if you have a drone jammer, your privacy is more perfect, it seems to be worth it of.

To truly defend against such drones, you need to take the same measures as most drones-that is to prevent the remote control of the Lehman Aviation LFPV drone so that it cannot be controlled and hit the nearest wall or tree. After such an incident, the evil one who is watching you will think twice about whether it is worth spending so much cash on this drone and risking losing it in the same way again!