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8 Bands Desktop Portable Jammers GSM CDMA LTE GPS WiFi Signal

$692.52 $460.89 Product Details

The portable jammer is small, easy to carry and easy to use. The entire production process strictly follows the ISO900 quality system and has passed CE certification, which is stable and reliable. Because the appearance of the form is very concealed, it is not easy to find even when used outdoors. The biggest advantage of this jammer is its light weight, ease of use and reasonable price, but it also has some disadvantages during use: the distance between the blocking signals is very close and the frequency band of the jamming signal is relatively small. Improve, thanks!

Review 8 Bands Desktop Portable Jammers

Date Added: 01/15/2021by Thomas Paul

Tested with Huawei and Apple mobile phones, the recording can be completely shielded, and all the playback is noise, the shielding effect is very good, and the remote control is also very convenient to use, the leader is quite satisfied

Date Added: 12/28/2020 by Thornligh DR D.C Pty Ltd

I received it, the test has obvious results. With it, there is no need to be afraid of being tracked and threatened by others, thank you!

Date Added: 11/01/2020 by Schoebel James

This thing works well indoors. It works well in restaurants, but sometimes it takes a minute to eliminate the signal. An office worker stammered outside with his mobile phone for 20 minutes. I think it's time to go back to work. Turn it on, she was ten yards away, and killed her phone in just a few seconds. It doesn't work well in my car, but it may be that the windshield is blocking some signals. For some mobile phones, it can work within a few seconds, while for others, it cannot work. I like to interfere with the cells of some of the women driving if I buy a more powerful device.

Date Added: 10/17/2020 by Dangel Mark

I really like this jammer. From there, I can enjoy peaceful life and privacy. There is nothing better than this!

Date Added: 09/22/2020 by Demaso Arthur

This stuff is awesome! It is easy to hide and can work as in the advertisement. The delivery speed is super fast.

Date Added: 09/11/2020 by Hall Mario

Okay, I have a nice high-end breakfast lunch and dinner in a beautiful restaurant (edited by the administrator). Mobile phone infection has gradually lost control! You can threaten the crew, scream at them, etc. It's hard to find good help, so I can't fire them. The equipment makes them no longer need to go past.

Date Added: 08/12/2020 by colapietro john

The GPS jammer is so cheap, there is no freight, but the delivery is fast! thank you all. It helps me a lot!

Date Added: 06/24/2020 by Taylor Rick

A good mobile phone 3G GSM GPS jammer works well as stated on the website. Great show! It helps me a lot! And the logistics information is also very fast.

Date Added: 03/18/2020 by williams jason

That's great! After turning on the Jammer phone, my 3G GSM cell phone signal cannot access my phone! It is very small, suitable to be carried around or put in a pocket without being found.