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Detecting Signal Mobile Phone Interference Provides Us With Convenience

Chavez Jose 2021-6-10

Recently, the author followed the inspectors of the provincial bureau to conduct comprehensive work inspections in various prisons. In addition to having a comprehensive understanding of various tasks, I also discovered a new phenomenon. In modern prison management, the application of mobile jammers is very common. In the process of entering and exiting vehicles, inspectors will choose this method for inspection. cell phone jammer

According to some prison administrators, the introduction of this equipment is uniformly equipped by the provincial bureau, because some escaped personnel can choose to hide and escape through the bottom of the car or some hidden places, which is difficult to detect. Now with the new device of mobile jammer, no matter where it is hidden, it can easily perceive the signs of human life, which is very convenient. Strengthening prison management is the focus of the overall social order management. This time, we chose to equip each prison with mobile phone jammers to prevent criminals from escaping. This has become a standard configuration in the management of prisons, which not only improves the management level to a greater extent, but also It has also greatly promoted the effectiveness of management and prevention.