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How to choose the most suitable cell phone signal jammers?

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/10

  First of all, the types of shielding devices that should be selected for different shielding areas are different:

  Generally speaking, cell phone signal jammers are divided into two types: indoor type and outdoor type.

How to choose the most suitable cell phone signal jammers

  The former is smaller than the latter in terms of volume and the power of the actual output interference signal. Relatively, its production cost and selling price are also lower.

  If the area to be shielded is a small and medium-sized indoor environment with a simple structure (such as classrooms; examination rooms; offices; conference rooms; factory bathrooms, etc.) Saiyue Communication tailor-made mobile phone signal jammers for users.

  If the area that needs to be shielded is large and empty (such as warehouses; squares; auditoriums and venues, etc.), large outdoor shielding devices can be considered.

  If the area to be shielded is a large indoor space and the structure is complex, the most ideal shielding scheme is generally a combination of size: that is, a certain number of mainframes are deployed in a cellular manner to cover a large area, and a certain number of minicomputers are used to eliminate blind spots. So as to achieve the most ideal shielding effect within a reasonable budget.

  In daily life, each person's gps jammers achieve different effects. There are many types and models of mobile phone signal jammers. Before purchasing, you must first clarify your own needs and achieve a definite purpose in order to achieve more with less effort.