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Karrer Peter 2021-10-7

The emergence of mobile communication has promoted the development of global communication and information technology. However, different technical systems and standards have brought great inconvenience to mobile communication users. At the same time, it has also hindered the balanced development of the industry and affected the common development of the global information and communication industry. progress. As we all know, one of the ITU’s missions is to formulate technical standards. The purpose is to make it easier for countries around the world to promote the benefits of communication and information technology. The big difference is the so-called "standardization gap", and this gap is one of the main reasons for the long-term existence of the digital divide. Many lawbreakers ignore national laws and sell Cell Phone Tower Jammer privately to prevent the country’s informatization. process, cell phone jammer It often appears online and rarely in physical stores. For this reason, as the annual World Telecommunications and Information Society Day approaches, the ITU has identified the theme of this year’s Telecommunications Day as "Bridging the Standardization Gap." The results derived from various standards and uneven levels are unwilling to see the world public. In particular, the standard gap will add difficulty to application and terminal development. In order to enable 5G to be commercialized more securely, and to find a solution to narrow the standardization gap, how to continue to enhance my country's right to speak in the field of standards is a problem that my country has to solve.

Standards are the crystallization of technological innovation and a prerequisite for industrial development. Narrowing the standardization gap and bridging the gap in the global standardization field will help people around the world enjoy the better life brought about by communications. In the current critical period when the world is scrambling to deploy 5G, Cell Phone Tower Jammer narrowing the standardization gap will also help people around the world to embrace the 5G era. The good news is that with the 5G standard, China has moved from a follower to a parallel runner to the current leader, playing the role of a leader in the entire system. According to China’s standards, although China used to have a fairly large market, it had a relatively poor voice due to its insufficient technical level. However, with the improvement of my country’s technical level and the continuous expansion of commercial scale, my country’s voice has continued to increase, especially The increase in the right to speak in the field of communication standards is particularly obvious. At present, 5G is ushering in a bright moment in the world. Developing countries represented by China need to seize the opportunities of the 5G era, continuously improve their technological accumulation and reserves, enhance their standard voice, narrow the gap with developed countries, and promote the 5G industry.