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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Using Ne555 Timer Abstract

Andreas Loibl 2021-07-30

As the potential risk of interference signals to the human body has received widespread attention, in many cases, participants are unwilling to use mobile phone jammers; at the same time, because the mainstream broadband mobile system in my country is a time division duplex system, the current interference signals seriously affect normal communication. In response to these problems, this article studies the impact of electromagnetic radiation non-thermal effects on human health, analyzes the relationship between Cell Phone Signal Jammer Using Ne555 Timer Abstract's transmit power, minimum safety distance and effective interference radius, and proposes the concept and working principle of the application principle and application of the green jammer Principle development of LTE green jammer prototype system, cell phone jammer And through on-site testing to study its feasibility.

As we all know, distracted driving can be extremely emotional. It may be your parent's phone number, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or some other important phone number. But please stop and think about one thing: Is this call more important than your life and the lives of other people on the street? maybe not. Therefore, if you want a less disruptive driving experience and don’t want to answer the phone, please consider installing Cell Phone Signal Jammer Using Ne555 Timer Abstract on your car. The storage radius is small, only covering your car, there is no other space, you will feel safe and comfortable during the journey. It is about your health and your life, and it is also about the health and life of your loved ones and loved ones. Therefore, please take some measures to ensure their safety!