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Cell Phone Robocall Blocking Apps

Perfectjammer 2021/12/27

I don't know the college entrance examination requirements of the place involved. Basically, we only require candidates to bring stationery into the venue, and all items must be placed in a place where the invigilator can see. Cell Phone Robocall Blocking Apps It is also installed at the front of the classroom, and I feel even more unbelievable and unbelievable that the phenomenon of "mobile phone hidden in the thin clothes in hand" entering the examination room. Holding the clothes in your hand, no matter how thin it is, even if it is a straight-lined shirt of the Western Han Dynasty that fits in a matchbox, it must be checked! In this way, blatantly mixed in, the responsibility of the invigilator is not trivial. Although the expert's explanation is reasonable, this cannot be a reason for negligence in the examination room! Cell Phone Jammer Just like a door lock, it blocks the gentleman but not the villain. If the examinees are all disciplined and law-abiding, then there is nothing wrong with no one invigilating the exam; but on the contrary, if there are always people who want to take a "shortcut", then it is not an exaggeration to deploy more shielding equipment on site!

Today, when the concept of 5G is very popular, the examination room is only equipped with Cell Phone Robocall Blocking Apps , regardless of 5G technology, it should not be true. Some netizens raised concerns. Although some provinces have finished the college entrance examination in two days, there are still other provinces that are still in progress. So in the next 1-2 days, how will the examination rooms in other provinces deal with themselves? After all, everyone knows that 5G may be a loophole, so will there be other bad-intentioned candidates taking the risk? How should relevant departments take precautions? How to truly ensure the fairness of the college entrance examination? These are all problems that need to be solved urgently.