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Aftis Fatah 2022/3/09

On November 14, the Yinchuan Administration of the Autonomous Region Civil Affairs Bureau received an interference complaint from China Mobile Yinchuan Branch, saying that its Xinshuiqiao base station was severely interfered with, and a large number of nearby users complained that they could not make and receive calls and traffic normally. Poor quality, frequent disconnections, etc. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene to conduct inspections. DF found that cell phone jammer was located in a nearby warehouse. Law enforcement officers immediately investigated the place and collected evidence, and determined that the warehouse was rented by a lady surnamed Ma and was mainly used to store mortgaged vehicles. In order to prevent others from finding a parking space, she also bought, set up and used Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Reviews . Law enforcement officers will impose administrative penalties of confiscation of illegal equipment and a fine of 10,000 yuan on the parties involved in illegal acts.

Recently, at the "5G and Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Seminar before the 2021 World 5G Conference", Ding Haiyu, Director of Wireless and Terminals at China Mobile Research Institute, said that the energy consumption of 5G base stations is about 3% of that of 5G base stations. times. 4G. Power consumption is about 1900W. I hope that by using new technology and Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Reviews newequipment,