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Cell Phone Number Block List

Akhter Alexander 2021-11-16

Many people believe that the danger of blocking mobile phone signals is not just as simple as making more money. In the event of a vicious case, passengers can’t even call the police. What should we do? If this happens, the driver will be fined and suspended7 Days, the fine is less than 3,000 yuan, the penalty is too light, how to ensure safety. In this regard, a relevant person in the transportation department introduced that the fine of 2,700 yuan on Yang was already punished in accordance with the upper limit in the "Regulations on the Administration of Public Passenger Transport in Nanjing." Can the taxi driver’s qualification be revoked? The reporter saw in the regulations that if public passenger transport practitioners violate the law, law enforcement officers should correct it on the spot. “If the public passenger transport license or service is not accepted without a valid reason, the public passenger transport license or service can be revoked. Qualification certificate.” This also means that if Yang accepts a penalty, he can continue to drive a taxi on the road after the suspension for 7 days. Such punishment makes many netizens feel that it has no disciplinary effect. In this regard, Ling Qiang, secretary general of the Nanjing Taxi Industry Association, believes that both the transportation department and the taxi company act in accordance with laws and regulations and will never tolerate Yang's behavior. He also hopes that the public security department will intervene in investigating the matter and crack down on illegal activities. “It’s the first time I heard about giving car installationCell Phone Number Block List. It’s really a black sheep in the taxi industry!” Ling Qiang said that Nanjing Taxi Industry Association is drafting an industry self-discipline convention and is cooperating with the transportation department. There are serious violations of the law. Taxi drivers who corrupt the image of the industry will be included in the industry "blacklist." " cell phone jammer

You were fired by a taxi company because of a serious violation of the law, and other companies are not allowed to hire you. Moreover, this list is sent to the transportation department at the same time. Even if you find a chance to go back on the road, you will not be able to obtain the relevant documents. "Ling Qiang said that at present, this self-discipline convention has been initially formed and is in the discussion stage. Whether installationCell Phone Number Block List infringes the freedom of communication of passengers. Some netizens believe that it is unsafe for mobile phone signals to be shielded, and should it be necessary to keep anti-shielding equipment when going out in the future? Some netizens think that shielding the signal is a trivial matter, but what to do if an accident occurs... The staff of the Nanjing Passenger Management Office said that during the investigation process, they conducted a test: after turning on the mobile phone signal jammer, it took less than 1 minute. The original mobile phone with full 4G signal suddenly lost its signal. Change to another mobile phone to continue the test, the same situation. Mobile phone signal jammers are mainly used in examination rooms, prisons, gas stations, prevention of mobile phone bombs, oil depots, liquefied gas stations, detention centers , Interrogation rooms, courts, labor reform teams, conference rooms, theaters, churches, libraries, school dormitories, special security and confidential occasions (confidential offices, negotiation rooms, mobile vehicles, mobile politicians and business dignitaries guards) scenes, etc., mobile phones The signal jammer is installed to prevent cheating, eavesdropping, and information leakage. I hope that friends will not buy mobile phone jammers at will to do illegal things.