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Cell Phone Network Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-10-24

Cell Phone Network Jammer

The annual summer college entrance examination this weekend is about to kick off. On the 3rd, the reporter learned from the Education Bureau of Zaozhuang that more than 26,000 candidates in the city will take the summer college entrance examination this year, and the number of participants is basically the same as last year. The reporter learned that the 2015 summer college entrance examination time is scheduled for June 7th and 8th. The city will set up 13 test centers and 904 test rooms. Among them, 3 test centers are set up in Shizhong District. In accordance with the practice of previous years, in order to ensure that candidates have a quiet test environment, the staff will install Cell Phone Network Jammer in the test room, and the traffic police department will implement traffic control on the roads around the test site. In other words, during the college entrance examination, citizens who often pass by the roads around the test site during this time period need to detour in advance. cell phone jammer

In addition, Zaozhuang City will continue to increase efforts to prevent exam fraud in 2015. Test centers will continue to be equipped with electronic monitors, Cell Phone Network Jammer and fingerprint recognition devices. Candidates must pass ID verification and metal detector inspections when entering the venue. "This year's college entrance examination test centers continue to be equipped with fingerprint readers. If someone takes the test or cannot accurately confirm the identity of the examinee, at this time, you need to use the fingerprint reader for further confirmation." The staff of the Education Bureau of Zaozhuang said, "At the same time, , Except stationery for exams, watches, mobile phones and other items are not allowed to be brought into the exam room.” In response to the increasingly high-tech trend of cheating methods, our city will continue to improve anti-cheating technology and increase the supervision of exam style and discipline. , To take strong preventive measures to resolutely prevent the occurrence of serious violations of laws and disciplines such as counterfeiting and substitution. "For the first time this year, I used a 4g mobile phone jammer, which was not available last year." said a staff member of the Education Bureau of Zaozhuang City.

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