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Cell phone jammer download limit cell phone usage time

Perfectjammer 2021-01-28

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The mobile phone signal of residents living near the school is unstable. Is it affected by the school’s mobile cell phone jammer download? This requires the authoritative technical department to come out and use a special instrument to give a statement; whether the school installs a mobile phone signal jammer is legal, this requires the relevant department Make judgments. In fact, the reporter from Qian Bao consulted Cao Dan, director of the Hangzhou Radio Administration Bureau, on this issue. Cao Dan clearly stated, “This is not allowed.” This has actually shown that regardless of whether it will affect the lives of surrounding residents, school installations Mobile jammer download is an illegal act without approval.

However, the author is more concerned about, from the perspective of education management, is it reasonable to install mobile jammers in schools? In the author’s impression, most middle schools do have regulations prohibiting students from using mobile phones on campus in the management of students, and there are indeed some students who have brought their mobile phones into campus and were found to have their mobile phones confiscated and then handed over to their parents. Or something that the teacher should take care of first and hand it back to the students during the holidays. This situation is understandable. After all, there are still human factors. There is no problem with emotion and reason, and students and parents will not have too many ideas. However, this time, the school adopted the installation of mobile phone signal jammer download to forcefully restrict students from using mobile phones, which is a bit weird and useless.

First of all, the signal of the mobile phone is blocked, which does not mean that all the functions of the mobile phone are restricted. If you want to play with the mobile phone, you can have no signal. I thought that by shielding students’ cell phone signals, students would be able to keep their cell phones away. The school underestimated the students’ IQ. Moreover, the more this happens, the more curiosity and resistance of students may be stimulated: "If there is no signal, just see if you can still use your mobile phone?" Secondly, mobile phone jammers are indistinguishable, not only for students. , Even the mobile phones of school teachers will be blocked. The mobile phone signal jammer download of the Silver Lake Experimental School is from 10 am to 4 am every night. This time period should be when the students go to bed.

Because the mobile phone signal is blocked, in case of emergency, such as a student's illness, accidental injury, or accident, the on-duty teacher’s mobile phone cannot contact the outside world, and the world needs to find a fixed phone. It’s okay if nothing happens. Once something happens, Who will bear this responsibility? After all, the on-duty teacher can't hold or use his mobile phone, so let's run around with a fixed phone. Mobile jammer download are a good thing, but they can only be used in places where the law requires them to be used, such as examination rooms and other occasions with special requirements. The user is confident and the administrator is convinced.

The use of mobile phone jammer download in the daily management of the school neither meets the requirements of laws and regulations, nor does it really make students consciously put down their mobile phones and devote themselves to learning. If students want to stay away from the interference of mobile phones, it is necessary to strengthen guidance, and put more effort into the learning arrangements of students, so that they have neither interest in playing mobile phones nor time to play mobile phones.

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