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Cell Phone Block On Screen

Perfectjammer 2021-10-31

Cell Phone Block On Screen

Yesterday afternoon, Xiamen Sixth Middle School gave the last class of the middle school class to the third-year students. After class, like other college entrance examination test sites, Xiamen Sixth Middle School also began to set up an examination room. It is understood that there are 19 college entrance examination sites in our city this year, distributed in six districts of the city. Judging from the examination room discipline, this year the Municipal Radio Administration has installed broadband signal suppression systems at four college entrance examination sites in Double Ten Middle School, Xiamen No. Prior to this, Cell Phone Block On Screen has been installed in all examination rooms in the city. cell phone jammer

Two days after tomorrow, there will be 6 mobile radio monitoring vehicles and 11 monitoring teams, plus 5 remote remote fixed monitoring stations and 35 small remote monitoring stations to capture cheating signals in real time. When the mobile radio monitoring vehicle is far away from the test site, small monitoring stations around the test site will take over the monitoring task. It is reported that before the college entrance examination candidates are familiar with the examination room today, Cell Phone Block On Screen has all completed the examination room layout. In order to ensure that the college entrance examination is foolproof, each examination center has made full preparations. For example, the double ten middle school test center has prepared multiple emergency plans, including dual circuits and emergency generators, to prevent power outages during the college entrance examination, especially during the listening period of the English test. The cafeteria provided candidates with free nutritious meals, and the cold drink window in the cafeteria was temporarily closed. The refrigerators in the supermarkets and canteens were temporarily sealed.

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