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Cell Block Rutherfordton Nc Cell Phone Store Blocks Larger

Perfectjammer 2022/04/12

So, there are so many Cell Block Rutherfordton Nc Cell Phone Store on the market. There are handheld and plug-in. Which one should I choose or which is better? Let's talk about the handheld first. They are easier to carry and look smaller. And the standby time is relatively long. However, the spatial range of the hand-held mobile phone signal jammer is relatively close, and it cannot be used stably during the driving process of the vehicle. Also suitable for small cars. Standby time generally lasts less than an hour. . Next, let's look at plugins. Plug-in cell phone signal jammers are generally metal casings with seven or eight antennas outside. This Cell Phone Jammer can be plugged directly into the point when used in a car. Above the cigarette holder, when used in the underground garage, you can directly plug in the power supply. However, the plug-in mobile phone jammer is not easy to place due to its large size, but the mobile phone signal shielding effect is better than that of the hand-held mobile phone signal jammer. Electric cell phone jammers can block a larger space and are currently more popular.

Detection by mobile phone signal; this technology is the mainstream technology in the past, especially in the examination room, police arrest and other occasions, it can be used for investigation. The premise of detection is that the mobile phone must be turned on, the mobile phone has no signal or the mobile phone is turned off. Obstacles arise; also, as we all know, the mobile phone is currently a multimedia device. It's no longer limited to making phone calls or sending text messages. The mobile phone can still take pictures, video and audio recordings even when there is no signal. This has become the main means of leaking, and it does not work. And accurately solve the problem of mobile phone leakage; 2. Control by shielding; still life Cell Block Rutherfordton Nc Cell Phone Store is a common and familiar technology, that is, common mobile phone jammers, signal jammers and other equipment, the most common places are various examination rooms and secrets meeting room, etc.;