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Grandjouan David 2021-10-23

Since the emergence of 3g mobile phones, the Can You Buy Cell Phone Jammer equipment we originally equipped has partially failed, which is another challenge for us. "Song Chengxiang, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, said this at a meeting of the provincial general college entrance examination examination management and unified examination inspection team leaders. In order to prevent candidates from cheating through mobile phones, all college entrance examination halls in our city are equipped with mobile phone signal jammers. Equipment, why does a good shielding device fail? The reporter interviewed communication operators and learned that the common mobile phone jammers on the market operate at 869-894mhz; 825-960mhz; 1805-1880mhz and 1900-1990mhz, etc., but mobile Some 3g mobile phones of China Unicom and China Telecom are not in this frequency range. Among them, mobile 2010mhz-2025mhz, China Telecom's 2110mhz-2125mhz, and China Unicom's 2130mhz-2145mhz spectrum bands cannot be covered. Song Chengxiang said that the technical means in the monitoring process It’s just auxiliary equipment, the most important being civil air defense. Two invigilators in an examination room can play a role in maintaining normal examination order. The reporter learned that this year our city has increased the number of invigilators, and there are more than 4,200 people participating in the invigilation work. , Which is equivalent to one invigilator staring at 10 people. cell phone jammer

In addition to increasing the strength of invigilation, the Provincial Admissions Institute also requires schools to educate candidates on integrity exams in advance. Each candidate must sign a letter of commitment to integrity in the college entrance examination before the exam, establish and improve the integrity electronic file of the candidates in the college entrance examination, and resolutely put an end to the entrance exam. Staff members participate in, organize, and condone vicious behaviors such as exam cheating and admissions cheating. In addition to candidates signing a letter of integrity commitment, each test center and invigilator must also sign a letter of responsibility. "Whoever has problems will be held accountable." The reporter learned that this year our province will increase the investigation and punishment of various violations of laws and disciplines, and impose arbitrary charges on admissions, illegal admissions and intermediary frauds in some places and universities, as well as "college entrance examinations". The four major issues of "Immigration" shall be subject to key management and key investigations. The Provincial Enrollment and Examination Institute requires the installation of Can You Buy Cell Phone Jammer . The public telephone calls for all levels of enrollment examinations must be answered, and the open letter and visit mailbox must be checked in time. It is necessary to pay attention to the emergent reports, patiently solve the questions of the candidates and their parents, and care about the candidates and their parents. Questions raised by parents.