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Call Blocking On An Android Cell Phone Has A Great Impact On The Base Station

Perfectjammer 2022-02-10

The standard installation interval of each component of the mobile phone jammer is: the adapter should avoid 20cm above the server; (if the mobile phone jammer is assembled, it is not guaranteed to avoid switching the power supply due to local installation conditions, and the adapter can be placed under the mobile phone jammer server, After choosing this method, the adapter will still be affected by the Call Blocking On An Android Cell Phone server magnetic field, which is smaller than the effect of the adapter being close to the server.) There is no weak circuit line (AC220V) within 20cm near the wireless antenna; (including the upper and lower parts of the wireless antenna, the wireless antenna If it cannot be placed, please try not to place the wireless antenna within 10cm.) When the distance of the communication base station is less than 200 meters, the actual shielding effect of Cell Phone Jammer is inversely proportional to the distance of the communication base station. That is, the closer the communication base station is, the smaller the shielding radius is. Tighten the wireless antenna before inserting. The wireless antenna must be vertical. The data marked on the wireless antenna must correspond to the data marked on the wireless antenna hole on the server. There's no need to plug it in wrong, let alone connect a wireless antenna. At the same time, power up the chassis.

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