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Call Block Samsung Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/11/24

With the popularity of mobile phones, a machine called " Call Block Samsung Cell Phone " is sometimes installed in theaters and concert venues to prevent mobile phone ringing and take safety measures in companies and homes. This machine is sold under the name of "use of weak electric waves" and "installation without permission", but it requires a radio station license to use it. If you use these machines without permission, they will interfere with other radio stations such as mobile phones, violate the radio law and be punished, so please be careful not to buy them lightly. Even in places with good visibility, not in the service area-are devices that interfere with mobile radio waves illegal? With the popularity of mobile phones, annoying calls that ignore etiquette have become obvious. There seem to be more and more cases of using commercially available 4G telephone handset jammers to interfere with such calls. This kind of equipment, if it is cheap, can be bought for less than 2,000 yen. On the other hand, is it illegal to interfere with calls? but? A coffee shop that cannot use a cell phone! All work communication can be done with a mobile phone. cell phone jammer

Mr. M is carrying two mobile phones, a mobile phone and a powerful PHS in the basement, so that he can answer calls at any time in trains, coffee shops and other places. Mr. M’s habit is, “What is the value of a work phone?” One day, when I took out my cell phone to make a call at a coffee shop near Shinjuku, I found that the cell phone was down. Even if I take out the PHS, it cannot be used. Even if you rush out of the coffee shop, it still stops serving. After about 3 meters from the entrance, I can finally make a call. However, there are no obvious obstacles around this coffee shop, nor is it an environment that is difficult to reach by radio waves. Mr. M is puzzled that the radio waves cannot reach places with good visibility, even in the underground or department stores. In fact, in this coffee shop, there are many Call Block Samsung Cell Phone mobile phone/WiFi/Bluetooth jammers with radio waves on the market.