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Blocking Cell Phones In Theaters There Are Many Factors To Consider

Patel Tushar 2022/05/28

There are two ways to block the signal on the market. The first is to block the signal sent by the base station to make the mobile phone unable to receive the signal so as to compare the mobile phone signal. Second: use the pseudo base station to simulate the signal source to interfere with the mobile phone signal, so that the base station cannot receive the signal, thus interrupting the connection between the mobile phone and the base station, both of which can affect the operation of the base station more or less, so nearby users report it and operate it. Businesses will definitely be punished when they come to inspect. At present, our company is developing a newest type of Blocking Cell Phones In Theaters , which uses signaling-level technology to interfere with mobile phone signals. This signaling-level mobile phone signal jammer can directly block downlink signals sent by mobile phones, but will not affect the surrounding area. normal operation of the base station. Indoor mobile phone signal jammers need to consider whether there are obstructions, etc. If there are obstructions, you need to install more units, and it is necessary to consider the reflection surface and attenuation. The problem is more complicated. Outdoors, you only need to choose whether the shielding range is the same as what you need.

In recent years, Blocking Cell Phones In Theaters technical equipment has been continuously updated across the country to discourage cheating in exams. Facial recognition and fingerprint recognition system software refers to vein authentication used to avoid proxy exams, and even some news and social data in China are connected within China to avoid some people posting questions and answers based on social media. To avoid the spread of the wifi network, we cooperate with each other during the network. If we had the weapons to tackle exams, we wouldn't need such a big move that jeopardizes our day-to-day work and life.