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Blocking Cell Phone Number When Making A Call

Dumont Thomas 2021-10-20

This year, our province is expected to have 800,000 candidates participating in the college entrance examination. All examination rooms in our province will install Blocking Cell Phone Number When Making A Call . The Provincial Department of Education has issued ten "sunshine measures"... On March 1, the national general college enrollment work video conference was held, the Provincial Department of Education Relevant sources said that this year's college entrance examination work will focus on solving outstanding problems such as arbitrary enrollment fees, illegal admissions, and intermediary fraud.    This year, there are nearly 800,000 examinees in our province, and there will be a substantial increase in examination centers and examination personnel. cell phone jammer

According to the actual situation of our province, this year’s decree stipulates that: in principle, fresh high school graduates must return to the place of residence to register. Those who really need to register at the place of study, upon approval, can register at the place of high school registration with the examination certificate. Past students must return to the county where their residence is located. (District) Recruitment and registration. Our province will continue to increase investment this year. On the basis of all test centers equipped with Blocking Cell Phone Number When Making A Call last year, all college entrance examination test centers in the province will be equipped with mobile phone signal jammers this year to fundamentally block the use of modern communication tools to cheat.