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Blocked Call List For Cell Phones

Mcmillan Patrick 2021-11-09

MSN chat tool is a frequently used chat tool for many white-collar workers. It was once also one of the most convenient and efficient ways to communicate with colleagues and colleagues in the fund and securities industry. However, since the rat warehouse incident, the fund industry has regarded "MSN" as a "hot potato." The reporter learned from a recent interview that several fund companies have long banned investment and research personnel from using MSN. Since the Securities Regulatory Commission implemented the newly revised "Guiding Opinions on the Management of Investment Managers of Fund Management Companies" in April 2009, Blocked Call List For Cell Phones monitoring of MSN chat has become the iron law of various companies, but the fund industry has not banned MSN. However, according to people familiar with the matter, “In the mouse warehouse cases investigated and handled in the past, using MSN chat during trading hours was one of the main ways for fund managers and stakeholders involved in the case to communicate stock trading information.” Therefore, many fund companies in Shanghai have long been inside. Investors and researchers are strictly prohibited from using MSN. cell phone jammer

MSN has long been banned in our company's investment and research personnel. I am a marketer, and I need to communicate with the outside world. I apply for the use of MSN with the company, but the chat history must be kept for 5 years. A marketer from the League of Nations Fund Company replied to the reporter. . This is not the case. Mr. Li from the Marketing Planning Department of Cathay Pacific Fund also said that MSN is not allowed in the investment and research department, and mobile phones must be turned in during transaction hours. He is a marketer. Blocked Call List For Cell Phones can be used with special approval, but the company’s computers are two. Sets of systems are independent of each other and are not afraid of information leakage. HSBC Jinxin Fund also stated that investment researchers cannot use MSN in the company, and investment researchers need to hand in their mobile phones during transaction hours. A staff member of a fund company also told reporters that in order to prevent mobile phone leaks, the company spent more than 20,000 yuan this year to buy a mobile phone signal jammer. It took less than two months because employees were worried about the radiation of the jammer. It will have an impact on the human body and collectively resist. In the end, the instrument that was purchased for more than 20,000 yuan had to be discarded.