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Block Your Number Sprint Cell Phone

Stopple John 2022/3/14

It always feels inaccurate. Block Your Number Sprint Cell Phone , we speak with data. According to relevant reports, the average download speed of mobile phone users using 4G networks in China is currently 28. If the national network speed is added, the average is around 3-4 meters per second. In fact, this value is enough for us to use the network normally, unless the signal is not good. But there are more and more users of the 4G network, so these users will gradually differentiate your network speed, and the average network speed will decrease more and more, so we can't change this state. The number of 4G network users will only increase. However, the phone itself has another feature that can optimize the network. Open the mobile phone settings button, click it, the signal strength information of the SIM card status of the mobile phone will appear, generally between 50 and 110 decibels. If this value is too bad, you can learn some methods. The access point of our mobile phone network is generally CMNET or CMWAP. We can choose two options. If the internet speed is slow, we can try switching. Turn on and set up the mobile network access point (APN) and write "cmtds" in the first name and "CMTDS" in lowercase in the second name in the drop down settings window. After setting it up, check to see if the internet speed becomes faster. If this doesn't change, you can restore the network settings and restart the phone.

After class at noon yesterday, the reporter interviewed all the students randomly through the iron gate at the entrance of Dongguan No. 5 Senior High School. Students said the school "may turn on cell phone blocking," and students were unequivocal in saying "there's something real." .According to a male student who did not want to be named, he believed in the school's signal blocking "because when I was in the dormitory, the mobile phone basically had no signal", but he did not comment on the quality of the blocking signal, "because the school itself is not good. You are allowed to bring your mobile phone to school.” Li, a fifth- and second-year high school student, told reporters that he recently found some strange devices in the dormitory building, and then the mobile phone signal was posted on Weibo, a netizen from a poor family said: “According to the official news of No. , Block Your Number Sprint Cell Phone Does it matter... The only good thing is that the school blocks the signal at different times. To be sure, the dormitory doesn't want to surf the Internet when the lights are turned off. According to random interviews with students, the situation of cell phone jammer does exist, but The reporter checked the mobile phone at the school gate and found that the signal was full. Some students explained, "The dormitory area will be blocked. There was no mobile phone signal in the dormitory before, and the situation has become weaker."