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Block Your Cell Phone Number From Appearing

Ouaali Yassin 2022/03/31

Interference products can effectively shield the signal between the base station and the mobile phone, thereby disconnecting the external connection to the mobile base station. The product is easy to use, small in size, can be shipped separately, and can be used in different environments. Mobile phones are used to take pictures and usually need to protect personal privacy. These are the concerns of many people. In particular, hotels, etc. are equipped with products to prevent eavesdropping and voyeurism. Block Your Cell Phone Number From Appearing This time can also achieve excellent results. In some places, protecting personal information is an important asset. cell phone jammer is responsible for providing a good environment for customers in these places. Professionalism and high standards are necessary. Provide customers with a safe consumption environment. A reliable guarantee condition is an anti-eavesdropping device that ensures the safety of the consumer environment.

Since last week, Ms. Wu found that when she was at home, her mobile phone basically did not ring, and she could not make calls. At first, Ms. Wu didn't care. A few days later, Ms. Wu called her mobile phone to ask if it was a signal problem. The mobile phone staff checked and told her that there was no signal problem in the community where she lived. The day before yesterday, when Ms. Wu was packing at home, she found a silver instrument with an antenna on the back of the sofa. After careful research, it turned out to be a portable Block Your Cell Phone Number From Appearing , Ms. Wu realized. She asked her husband angrily, thinking that her husband's behavior violated her privacy, so the two quarreled and divorced. Husband: The cell phone has radiation, so I will do it for her. "Actually, I did it for her." Ms. Wu's husband, Mr. Liu, was also full of grievances. He said that even if he knew he was pregnant, his wife couldn't change the bad habit of making phone calls. "I read that there is radiation on the phone. Radiation is not good for the fetus. How can she do it in a few hours?" Mr. Liu said, but no matter how much he persuaded him, his wife would not change.