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Block Tracking My Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-3

Block Tracking My Cell Phone

On the morning of May 4th, the Xiangcheng County People's Court held a press conference on typical cases of anti-gangsters and evils, and introduced to the media and the society the relevant situation of the special struggle for anti-gangs and evils through typical cases. Li Shuya, the deputy chief of the criminal court of the court, informed the court of a case involving an illegal car collecting gang involving gangs and crimes concluded by the court. From March 2016 to June 2016, the defendant Shao gathered 12 people including the defendant Zhang Mupeng, under the pretext that they did not renew the insurance in a car sales company, paid the vehicle mortgage payment overdue, and GPS abnormality in violation of the contract. Use the spare key to drive away the victim's vehicle without permission or take measures such as quickly forcing the vehicle to stop, intimidating, seizing the mobile phone to cut off the connection, and smashing the vehicle with a steel pipe. Liquidated damages, towing fees and other expenses. The defendant Shao gathered the above-mentioned persons and committed 25 crimes in total. Recently, 13 defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from one to four years. The steel pipes, pickaxes, camouflage cloth, Block Tracking My Cell Phone, etc., the tools of the crime were seized and confiscated in accordance with the law, and more than 310,000 yuan of illegal income was recovered and returned to the victim. . cell phone jammer

According to the relevant person in charge of the institute, the institute has established a special struggle leading group for the eradication of gangs, which has fixed positions and responsibilities. It has carried out several special campaigns for anti-gangs and eradications, strengthened publicity and created an atmosphere of public opinion, and ensured that the special anti-gangs and eradication projects were carried out. The struggle has achieved results. “Xiangcheng County People’s Court will insist on taking justice for the people as its responsibility, and actively participate in the special fight against evil forces, using Block Tracking My Cell Phone to maintain a high-pressure posture against evil forces, eradicate the umbrella of evil forces, prevent the growth and spread of evil forces, and vigorously promote the whole world. The county's social security work creates a safe and stable living environment for the people of the county, and enhances the sense of security and happiness of the people of the county.

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