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Block Restricted Numbers On Cell Phone Saves A Lot Of Steps

Perfectjammer 2022-02-02

Many schools only know about the mobile phone jammers in the examination room, but do not know that the examination room has a shielding scheme. Today, I not only want to tell you what the exam room shielding plan is, but also compare whether it is a cost-effective exam room shielding plan or direct purchase Block Restricted Numbers On Cell Phone cost-effective. As we all know, cell phone jammers in exam rooms are used to block cell phone signals. There are many models of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room, and the price varies according to the model. However, the price of a machine is usually between a few hundred to a thousand dollars. The shielding scheme of the examination room is a professional installation of cell phone jammer to make certain arrangements and arrange them in a certain order, so that the school can save a lot of worries.

Mobile phone signals are divided into single frequency and dual frequency, namely GSM and DCS signals, which are called 900 megabits and 1800 megabits in the industry. GSM low frequency signal is the second generation communication system, which is the abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications. The Global System for Mobile Communications, commonly known as Global Communications, is a long-wave signal. DCS high-frequency signal is a distributed control system with centralized management and large amount of information. This is a shortwave signal. The two are different for Block Restricted Numbers On Cell Phone , the operator basically has both. cover at the same time,