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Block Pop Ups On Cell Phone Ensures Smooth Exams

Perfectjammer 2022/01/13

The unified examination of cultural subjects in the 2020 Soldier Enrollment Examination officially started today. Affected by the epidemic, for the first time this year, the whole army has set up test centers in the army camp. The examination room is set up in a formal and orderly manner, the security check is organized without leaving any dead ends, and the service consultation is meticulous... At the second test site of the cultural subject examination for the army soldiers in the Western Theater Command, the "Iron Fist Brigade" of the 76th Group Army carefully organized the examination and service work of the test site to ensure that every candidate Sunshine reference, fair competition. After accepting the task of the group examination, the "Tekken Brigade" established the examination leadership office, held special meetings, studied and deployed tasks, and provided business training to more than 40 invigilators and more than 100 service personnel, so that everyone was familiar with the examination process. Actively communicate and coordinate with the resident public security, electric power, education and other departments to solve the contradictions and difficulties in transportation and power supply near the test center, and the military and the local team jointly open up a green channel for the candidates. It is understood that the second test center has more than 300 candidates from different units to take the test. There are a total of 8 test rooms and 2 spare test rooms, and each test room is installed with Block Pop Ups On Cell Phone . The person in charge of the test center and the political commissar of the brigade introduced that in order to ensure the health and safety of the test room environment, they recruited forces to set up 3 medical and health teams two weeks in advance, and adopted the method of optimizing while practicing to improve the medical emergency plan and drug allocation; each test room At least two full-time service personnel are equipped, and the sanitation staff thoroughly disinfect and fully ventilate the dormitory and examination room twice a day; special passages and spare examination rooms are set up during the examination process, and Cell Phone Jammer will make every effort to ensure that candidates can successfully complete the examination.

How to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination is the most concerned issue for candidates. To this end, the brigade sets up monitors, security checkers, and Block Pop Ups On Cell Phone in each examination room; arranges disciplinary inspections and inspections during the examination, sets up letter-reporting mailboxes to accept the supervision of examinees; strengthens the prevention of seasonal safety accidents during the military examination and sets up medical services Points, distribute heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs for candidates, and send safety warning information once a day. It can be seen at the scene that the candidates arrived at the examination room one after another and began to line up in an orderly manner to carry out temperature measurement, identity verification, sign-in and other matters. What is different from the past is that according to the requirements, candidates this year also need to provide a health pass code. They can enter the venue for reference only after checking that their documents are complete and their body temperature does not exceed 37.3°. Safeguarding, students can rest assured. A candidate from a certain brigade said: "I feel less nervous about reference in the camp area. I believe that I will be admitted to the ideal military school!"