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Block Out Going Cell Phone Calls

Perfectjammer 2021/11/26

When the reporter took out the mobile phone two meters away, after a few seconds, the signal of the mobile phone was restored, and the calls were normal. Subsequently, the reporter also took the device to a car equipped with a GPS anti-theft device for experimentation, and the test results shocked the car owner. Since the GPS anti-theft devices currently on the market actually communicate with the monitoring center through mobile communication signals, when this device is opened and placed in the car, the GPS is "blind." At that time, the reporter parked the car on the side of the road, opened the Block Out Going Cell Phone Calls device and placed it in the car. When he got out of the car and dialed the phone of the GPS company's main station to ask for the vehicle location, the other party still said that it could not locate the vehicle after 3 minutes of hard work. cell phone jammer

In order to achieve their goals, people have taken many measures to achieve their goals, such as recording them and using other methods to obtain the information they need to obtain. But in fact, once they obtain the information, it may be someone whose information has been stolen. This is really a trouble. For them, it is really necessary to take some measures to solve the problem and improve the situation. Do you know what they can do to solve this problem? Here you will gain knowledge about wireless audio Block Out Going Cell Phone Calls ,