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Jakee Brenda 2021-10-24

In Japan, some criminals will use their mobile phones to withdraw money through ATMs after they have obtained other people's mobile phone numbers, falsely claiming that their family members need to remit medical bills for fraud. Therefore, Chiba Bank of Japan set Block Other Cell Phone Signal App next to the ATM to prevent fraud. In the United States, cell phone jammers are generally used in prisons. At one time, this equipment was also purchased and used by some coffee shop and barber shop operators, restaurant owners, theater operators, etc., but later private blocking of signals was banned by legislation, and offenders would be punished with a maximum of 11,000 US dollars. fine. "Obviously, the random use of this shielding device is interfering with citizens' freedom of communication." Dong Zhengwei, a lawyer at the Bank of China Law Firm in Beijing, said that on certain occasions, participants need to be shut down or turned into a silent state, which also requires the consent of the other party. There is no problem with consensus. However, if such shielding equipment is installed, forcibly prohibiting mobile communications can be considered "unconstitutional." cell phone jammer

Mr. Dong told the "Beijing Science and Technology News" that only some units involved in state secrets can use mobile communication Block Other Cell Phone Signal App with the approval of relevant departments when conducting confidential meetings. In June 2001, the then Ministry of Information Industry issued the "Notice on Prohibiting the Illegal Development, Production and Use of Radio Interference Equipment", which clearly emphasized that "blocking mobile phones to dial in and out within a certain range, this kind of equipment in the society The use disrupts the order of radio waves and severely violates the legal freedom of communication of mobile phone users. It must be stopped in accordance with the law." "But the status quo is: the sale of such electronic devices is not prohibited by any law, only restricting the use of illegality. Some Movie theaters and libraries are also using this kind of equipment, and there are many cases where it has not been approved by relevant departments, which makes it difficult to supervise." Mr. Wang believes that to fundamentally stop the use of this kind of equipment, relevant national departments must pass the approval. Clear laws and regulations prohibit it, or formulate regulations such as "approved by the local radio management department before selling or using" to control market disorder.