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Cohen Beth 2021-11-03

In the grass-roots survey, when it comes to meeting issues, cadres will complain about a problem in addition to complaining about "will be more": more and more meetings are becoming accustomed to placing signal shielding devices in the venue. "At the beginning of the meeting, it was discovered that the mobile phone signal was gone, and it was completely'lost'." "In the event of an emergency, I couldn't contact the responsible comrades of the relevant departments. It took several hours before I received feedback that I was in a meeting"... …Speaking of the problem of being "shielded" in meetings, the cadres couldn't close their chatterboxes after opening them. A township cadre talked about an example that made him quite helpless. One time when he went out to participate in a conference, the on-site signal was blocked. It happened that there was a petition by the masses on the same day, and he had to communicate with him on call. "Other cadres explained that they could not be contacted for the time being. The masses did not believe them and thought it was perfunctory and deliberately avoided seeing them. When the masses later went to higher-level departments to petition, they added another reason in the reason -'cadres are too brave and inaction'." Afterwards, he visited the door many times to resolve the knots of the masses. To sort out the dissatisfaction of the cadres, on the one hand, the signal shielding involves too many meetings, too frequent, and there is no clear standard. "No matter what meeting it is, add a Block Cell Phone Number Apple " "Level 1 follows Level 1 learning, and shielding signals has gradually become the new standard when the conference is held." On the other hand, there is a lack of timely reminders and notifications in advance. A cadre introduced, "When I was seated, I found that the signal was still full and thought it would not be blocked. As a result, when the meeting started, there was no signal in an instant." When I went out, I looked at my mobile phone outside the venue." cell phone jammer

Shielding the signals from the meeting site may not lack the original intention of "improving quality and efficiency" to allow cadres to listen more carefully and to further ensure the effectiveness of the meeting. However, simple and rude handling methods may have counterproductive effects. After all, the most fundamental factor that determines whether and what effect a conference can achieve is the quality of the conference itself. If the amount of information in the meeting itself is insufficient, and the document is just thought of mechanically, and the direction of the meeting is retreat rather than pragmatism, then the "can be held or not" meeting will inevitably bring about the choice of "listening or not", "being in the meeting place" The state of "heart outside the meeting" is naturally inevitable. In a meeting, if the cadres are not willing to listen carefully, they should first reflect on whether there is a problem in the meeting itself; relying on cutting off the signal to force the cadres to "listen carefully" in a disguised form is undoubtedly a move for the last. For truly important, necessary, and informative meetings, attendees are naturally willing to listen carefully, and the actual effect of Block Cell Phone Number Apple is limited; for those meetings that are formal, convoluted, and prolonged, cut off the network signal, and constantly think about it. Absolute external contact will not eliminate the doubts about the conference space and too generality. Of course, for some meetings that are particularly important or have confidentiality requirements, it is not impossible to implement signal shielding when it is indeed necessary to shield the signal. However, you should also consider informing the participants in advance, and reserve time for the participants to transfer important and urgent matters. Conversely, meetings originally intended to "advance work" are likely to have the reverse effect of "influencing work". To improve the quality of the meeting, we cannot pin our hopes on signal shielding. Put the "improvement of meeting style" into practice, and advocate fewer meetings, hold short meetings, talk about dry goods, control the number of meetings, simplify meeting procedures, and improve meeting efficiency. It is better than hundreds of signal jammers.