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Best Cell Phone For Call Blocking

Perfectjammer 2021/12/28

Yesterday, after our newspaper reported on the use of Best Cell Phone For Call Blocking in Nanchong Longmen Middle School to cause 50,000 mobile phones to "mute", it attracted the attention of many readers: Is it possible to buy mobile jammers casually? Anyone can use a mobile phone signal jammer? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter made an unannounced visit to this, and found that this kind of mobile phone signal jammers on the Chengdu market were "sold up" and the sales were good. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, the reporter went to a mobile phone repair shop on Taisheng Road East Street. He heard that he was going to buy Cell Phone Jammer . The boss was a little wary: "What do you buy for it?" "The reporter pretended to be. The boss then dialed a phone call and told the reporter that cell phone jammers are sold in many stores on Taisheng Road, but the radio management department needs to check, so they must first ask the buyer to buy it. doing what. Later, the person the boss had just contacted called the reporter and agreed on a meeting place.

A few minutes later, a man with a Wenzhou accent came to take the reporter to his shop to check the goods. When he came to a counter selling "counterfeit machines" on the second floor of a communications plaza, the man took out a box full of English from the counter and opened it. A machine the size of a telephone landline was placed in front of him. The man said, "This The shielding range is about 15 to 30 meters, and your conference room can cover it, and the price is 2000 yuan." The man told reporters that this Best Cell Phone For Call Blocking is a foreign product, but the operation is very simple, as long as he teaches it, he can learn it, and the sales volume is good. People from schools and some units often come to buy. "This does not need to be installed. Just put it in the meeting room during a meeting and press this button to interfere with the cell phone signal within your setting range." The man was operating the button while selling to reporters. When the reporter asked whether he could try the effect on the spot, the man refused with a smile: "The mobile phones of these people nearby must be blocked and cannot be used indiscriminately." The reporter left on the grounds that the price was too expensive.