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Can anyone easily track you?

Pode Visar 2022/09/05

  Tracking someone's location isn't what you see only in old spy movies. This is the reality of the world. With the help of technology, anyone can find you without your knowledge. You might think that you have always been doing your best to protect yourself, but believe it or not, that’s totally not enough. Don't underestimate how powerful today's tracking technology is.

Can anyone easily track you

  How You Can Be Tracked Anywhere

  Here, we'll show you how easy it is to find you. Some are smart and some are not.

  GPS tracker

  Gps trackers are the most widely used tool for position tracking. This is what you see the most in movies.This is a miniature GPS receiver. The police or special agent put it on the criminals’ cars and watch their location on the radar system.This is the reality.But do you have any idea how easy and cheap these things are?

  Yes, even cheaper coupons!Anyone can buy them and put them in your car to follow you, which is effective.But that's the lowest level of location tracking.The tracker is small but can still be found if you thoroughly check your car before driving.

  Tracking apps

  Tracking applications, as you can tell by their names; This is a mobile phone application that can be used as a GPS receiver.If it is installed on your mobile phone; Criminals can find you. Usually, they are not regular apps like Facebook or Spotify; they can hide from your screen so you can’t tell when they are staying on your phone.

  However, this approach has its limitations.Third person installing apps on your phone can be quite difficult. The criminals can hack your phone, though, but the cost would be high, and they still request some actions from you, like downloading a file from the internet, opening a photo in an email, etc.If you do well to protect yourself, you are secure in the tracking application.

  But how can you escape from below?

  Cell phone number tracking

  Mobile phone number tracking is the most advanced location technology. As long as you have an activated phone number, they can input it into their system and watch your whereabouts in real time.It's horrible.

  Gps Jammer: The King of Anti-tracking

  Fortunately, you still have the last counter-attack weapon, GPS jammers.All tracking systems, no matter how advanced, cannot be separated from GPS signals. The GPS jammers simply block the GPS signal to prevent data transmissions between the sender and receiver. They will scan from the frequency bands when turned on and send out lots of noise signals to disrupt the GPS radio waves.Gps signals can no longer reach receivers, such as your car or smartphone tracker.That way, you'll be out of their eyes.

  You will be followed for many reasons, and anyone can follow you for just a little money. You have to pay attention to this. If you are suspending someone who is tracking you, check your car or bag to see if there are any trackers, and delete any suspicious apps installed on your phone.If all else fails, you should consider using a GPS jammer.