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Anonymous Call Blocking Att Cell Phone

Pilon Danielle 2022-02-17

The mobile phone signal jammer uses the same frequency as the downlink frequency of the mobile phone receiving base station for electromagnetic interference of the same frequency. All of them will be affected by the signal strength of the nearby base station and affect the mobile phone shielding effect. So how to test the mobile phone signal strength in the place where the mobile phone signal jammer is used? In school exams, in order to prevent students from using mobile phones to transmit information, leak test papers, and cheat in exams, some also prevent teachers from leaking test paper information on the way to escort the test papers, which will have a bad impact on the later exams. Midsummer June will usher in the high school and college entrance examinations In order to ensure the quality of the test, many schools have already started preparing for the test room in advance. In the process of preparing for the examination room, there is a very important thing, that is to install Anonymous Call Blocking Att Cell Phone . However, installing cell phone jammer is not for everyone. So, what do you need to pay attention to when installing a mobile phone jammer? In fact, the installation itself will be relatively simple, but a few small details before installation determine how well the subsequent use of the mobile phone jammer will work. For example, the environment near the installation site. And the installation height.

In order to ensure the best effect of the signal, in general, the installation of more than one meter and less than three meters has the best effect. Anonymous Call Blocking Att Cell Phone The head is relatively small, and can be fixed on the ceiling or wall with ordinary screws. Of course, it can also be used directly on a table or something. However, in this case, the effect is not very good. After installation, check to see if everything is connected well, and if there is any problem with accessories such as power supply. Finally, plug the power adapter into the adapter power socket of the machine, and directly connect the 220V power supply. Next is the test machine. If there is any problem, you can contact the manufacturer as soon as possible if you find it during the testing process. As long as it is produced by a regular manufacturer, it will usually be solved in time. If you encounter a pit manufacturer, it is still recommended to directly return it to the manufacturer. So here, we recommend manufacturers like perfectjammer. Not only is the reputation reliable, but also the quality is reliable. And problems will be solved in time to ensure that the interests of customers are not harmed.