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Air National Gu Calling Cell Phone Blocked For Military

Perfectjammer 2022/04/08

Everything has two sides. Mobile phones are now widely used in the world. There is no doubt that it will bring tremendous changes to our lives and our world. People need mobile phones to communicate with each other more easily. And there are many traces that we can find in mobile phones. Therefore, children can indulge in mobile phones, immerse themselves in social networks, and chat, thereby ignoring the opportunity to communicate with their families in reality. It's not just children, many people do. So it is necessary to control it. The Air National Gu Calling Cell Phone Blocked can be a favor. If you have heard about it, or want to know more about the interference, you may see some problems with the interference. In addition, there are some places where it is impolite to use mobile phones, such as churches, courts, celebration venues, and telephone calls should not be present. There are also examination rooms, theaters, some factories, and so on. This is not the only use. Cell Phone Jammer are not made for this, but for military purposes.

Continuing from last year, this year Air National Gu Calling Cell Phone Blocked , which has a signal interference function, was installed in many examination rooms by local examination management agencies as a technical means to prevent college entrance examination candidates from cheating. However, on May 24, an article "The founder of mobile phone jammers said that mobile phone jammers are harmful to people" was widely reprinted by the media.